Thursday, October 13, 2011

A Return from Obscurity

I've completed my Army training and now am able to continue my writing here on financial and political issues.  It has been a while but there is a lot of things to discuss: the upcoming election, the poor state of the economy, and - unfortunately given that it was discussed here months ago - the spiraling problems with our debt.  In addition, I will also be highlighting stocks more often with focuses on what I'm investing in these days.  Thank you to the people that have encouraged me through my time in basic and those who have followed this blog.

China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC)

CNOOC Limited is a state-owned company, the 3rd largest petroleum producer in China.  It's share cost comes with a nice semi-annual dividend.  In addition, it is down for the year some 70 dollars which makes me inclined to invest sooner than later.  Being shares of rival Total S.A. are up 10 dollars since the market crash in August, it might be wise to invest in China to bet on growth in an economy less affected by said crash.  

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