Thursday, April 14, 2011


Fifty-Nine Republicans stood up for what they believed in opposing the mock bill that would "cut" some 38 billion from the deficit.  Whatever real number that is...either it be the 300 million and change as the Congressional Budget Office calls it, or the spin amounts coming from the White House and GOP leadership, whatever the number, it isn't enough.  Not close to enough to solve or even dent our problem. 

This is the facade to hide the truth, the bait-and-switch to distract us, to annoy us with numbers and boring concessions.  We are suppose to slump meeking away, satisfied that something was done.  But nothing was done here, short of rediculous politicking.  59 Republicans stood up for what was right, for what must be done - to face the hard facts, hard reality, and to begin the work towards a real solution.  But they failed.

The rest of Washington were content to live in a dream world.

Bait & Switch

The Congressional Budget Office has come out with some disappointing numbers.  Not so disappointing I suppose for fans of the Leviathon government and its flood of programs and services and branches of the welfare state, but disappointing to us that see our debt problem as cruicial, as the whole crux to our economic problem, and the lever to which will move us into greater prosperity or slight us into obscurity as a second-rate power.

Of the much touted 38 billion concession?  The great comprimise?  A mere 352 million exist as actual cuts.  The remainder, that floating 37.6 billion, has already been spent.  That's right, what we just spent a week bringing the government nigh on halt to SAVE has been spent. The savings?  Oh, they'll appear in a year, or three, or in the next decade.

So here we are again.  Thought this last week was going to change politics?  No chance.  They called us Tea Partyers crazy for demanding larger cuts.  They said it would cripple the economy and U-turn our recovery.  Having seen what 38 billion does, i.e. NOTHING, I think we'd do better now to demand more than our original 100 billion cause.  It is obvious that Washington would rather play games, fund its unsanctioned war games, and earn political clout pandering to its base with the welfare state.

The Tea Party sees what this is, and bait-and-switch is almost too innocent a phrase to use.  We are to be taken as fools, they think.  They don't suspect though, that the best days of our common sense revolution are to come.